Innies and Outies…

In between watching the coverage of the inauguration and that of thousands of women in pink hats marching, life got a little too Life-y for me and so, to escape, I took an online quiz. Lately, there has been one floating around on social media that is supposed to tell you what kind of personality type you are simply by having a look at which of your fingers on either side of the middle one is the longest. Call me crazy, but this doesn’t seem like a very valid measurement of much of anything but fingers. According to the test, I am not an extrovert. Really, Internet? My fingers told you that? Uff.

However, this news did get me thinking about all the marriages in our family and how with just a couple of exceptions, it seems that the Innies of the family found other Innies to marry and the Outies married other Outies. Now, you might think that those unions would logically create more of the same. That the introverts would create other introverts and that the extroverts would pair up and create a bunch of really outgoing babies. Well, this is not always the case, based upon our own extended family. Certain Outie pairings have produced at least one somber-eyed baby who hangs back and quietly sizes up situations while some of the Innies have ended up with babies who seem to spring forth from the womb tap dancing and singing show tunes.

And so, my personal  Innie/Outie hypothesis appears to be a false one.  The need for further study is clearly indicated.

In other news, my dear sister, who happens to be an extrovert, and I are taking a short trip to Florida this week. Here’s how I know she is an Outie. She can do superhuman things like actually SING in front of people, for starters. She also throws big holiday parties every year that she invites me to and I never attend because, well, there are people there I might not know that I might actually have to speak to. My poor sister. I don’t know how she puts up with her Innie sister’s penchant for avoiding large gatherings of people, but I’m awfully glad she does. It will nice to sit in the sunshine with Sister.

But let’s be real. I think we both know who’ll be chatting up strangers on the beach, now, don’t we?



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