I live on five acres of maple trees  in Northern Minnesota, the land of sky blue waters, long winters, and yes, loons.    I am kind of a control freak, so I’m thinking that blogging might be a perfect outlet for this disorder.   I am also an educator who works to help others find their “voice” in the words on a page.   Recently, I’ve decided that it’s probably a really good idea to work on finding my own.    I laugh at a lot of things I shouldn’t, and don’t cry as often as I should.  I’m working on that, too.  Being a mother has been the best thing I’ve done. Some day I hope to be able to thank the two women who made this possible for me. I think that most of the problems of society could be fixed if we just reduced the amount of crap we eat, watch, and buy.  I have a lot of questions for God, but I’m doubtful that She reads blog posts.  I can wait.


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  1. I find in you a kindred spirit… Oh, yes, I laugh often at things I shouldn’t, don’t cry as often as I should for my own good. Most of all, being a mother is the most fulfilling, most wonderful thing I’ve ever done, and my gratitude to my children is far beyond words for all they’ve taught me & the beautiful moments they bring to my life. How I’d love to walk in those lovely woods with you on an autumn day, then settle in for a cup of hot chocolate, or tea, for a long visit on our theories of life… So glad you’re blogging.

  2. Hi! Just found your blog and so far I am enjoying your writings about the simple things in life, which I believe, are the best things in life (and really aren’t things at all). Thanks for your words!

    Mary, from Wisconsin.

  3. Found you through “Minnesota Farm Woman” (through Heidi’s “Lightly Crunchy”)
    Loving your posts. Thanks for writing them (but mind you don’t bite your tongue when it’s lodged so firmly in your cheek now, eh?; )

  4. Are you my long lost sister!!!!! I am a northern, woodsy girl at heart but live in SW lower Michigan. Finally made it to the country 15 years ago and love, love, love it. Loons are my favorite birds but, of course, we don’t have them here so I have to travel to Canada every fall for our vacation to see them. I do have a small collection around the house to remind me of their beauty, a jar of their discarded feathers that we scoop off the lake as the shed before their migration south each fall and a link to their call on my desktop when I need to hear their call.

    Thanks for being here. I’ve been reading for a while but today is the first time I’ve commented……..love your berry obsession post!!!!!!

    Brenda Schiesser

    1. We just might be! Thanks for reading my rants! We have had a lot of loons on Pokegama Lake this summer keeping me awake at night, believe it or not! Must have been a great nesting season for them! Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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