Leaf People…

The best thing to hold on to in life is each other.

-Audrey Hepburn

It is the middle of October and the leaves are spectacular here in The Land of Maple Trees.  A week ago, when the winds began to blow, I was afraid that we’d miss one of the best parts of living here.  But those leaves hung on through 40 mph wind and pelting rain.  And so, we are here.  In the best time of the year.

If that wasn’t reason enough to be happy, I know a young couple who are tying the knot this coming weekend in the Twin Cities.  The bride and her groom are fresh out of college and quite in love, from all indications.  Whenever I see the two of them together, I get that warm, fuzzy feeling that they belong together.  It doesn’t hurt that He smiles at her like he’s won the heart of the best of the best.  He has.

So, it’s good…this uniting of two happy young souls. What’s not to love about a wedding in October in Minnesota, right?  There will be beautiful music and vows, autumn flowers and a big old cake. Knowing the bunch she’s related to, there will also be Irish whiskey and toasts, not to mention incessant glass-clinking and kissing.  There may be even be an Irish Chicken Dance, too.  Who knows?  Anything is possible in October when love is in the air.

There will be Family.  And hugs all around. And laughter and love.

Especially love.  Falling out of us all.  Landing softly on this Girl and the man she’s chosen to stroll through the rest of her life with.  She is, after all, a leaf on the Family Tree.

Our tree is no different from most.  We started out as a small sapling with just a couple of branches and then grew into this big, twisted tree full of Leaf People who didn’t start out related but  ended up loving the living heck out of each other, anyway.  There are a few old leaves…middle age leaves….young adult leaves…teen leaves…even a few baby leaves.  We have scattered throughout the land, as leaves do.   It takes something pretty important to rake us into a pile.  Weddings.  Weddings do.

Wait. Did I mention that there will be love?

And so, we are heading to a wedding. I hope that in the midst of all the excitement next Saturday, as they take that very important first step down the path of a life together that they feel it.  The love.  Not just from each other, but from all the people gathered to witness the first leg of the journey.  I hope they know that we are rooting for them, wishing them more sun-lit, happy times than stormy, sad ones in the days and months and years to come.  I hope they take notice of all the sappy, misty-eyed Leaf People in attendance who did just what they’re doing…married right out of college and then stayed that way.  Stubborn, loving Leaf People who hunkered down during the cold and dreary times, hung on tightly to one another, and never lost hope that warmer days were ahead.

I am hoping that the sun shines brightly on Saturday for these two.  That the leaves on the trees outside the church are brilliant, and that the sky is blue.  On this day  when our Tree sprouts a new branch, just for the two of them, full of plans and hopes and dreams for their future together.

I hope they remember the Love. Every day of their lives.

Best Wishes on Saturday, Lexie and Jordan! Happy Wedding Day! T.








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