And the Circle Widens Once More.

Babies were born today all over the planet.  In hospitals, and homes, and mud huts.   Mothers labored.  Fathers paced.  Grandparents worried and prayed.  Families waited for phone calls and emails and announcing the time, the weight, the length of these new family members.  It’s what human families do.  And it’s what our family did today.

She is the littlest, freshest member of a clan that believes  that blood ties, while kind of nice, don’t really make a family a family. Love does.  That glue is strong.  It binds us all pretty tight.  She’ll figure that out.   In our family, we don’t care much how you get here…we’re just glad you arrived. And tonight,  we’re all really glad you chose us.  We’ll all take some getting used to,  but we’ll grow on you, I promise. So far, none of the babies born to us have defected, so we’re holding out hope that you don’t, either.  We need a baby girl around, and you fit the bill perfectly.

Some angels watched your birth today.  And then, fiddle music playing, they did a little jig and made a toast.  To family.  To love.  To life. To you.

Welcome to the world, Elyza Rose!  We’re really glad you’re here.    Love, Old  Auntie

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