People who love me know that I’m not a big risk taker.  Want to ride a roller coaster?  Eat things you can’t identify? Go bungee jumping?  Really?   Better call someone besides me.   You say you  have a “bucket list” and want to know what’s on mine?  Can I get back to you after I’ve finished this construction project I’ve been working on for the past twenty years?  It’s really important.  I won’t know for years whether I did a good job on it.

Any construction worker will tell you that the two most important tools to have for any project are duct tape and WD40.  Moms use the emotional equivalent of both in their quest to “build” responsible and healthy human beings.  We stick up for, stick next to, and even stick it TO our kids. We  grease the gears and stop the leaks and make the whining stop. Day after day after day.   In our arrogance, we tell ourselves, often, how necessary and irreplaceable we are.

Then, it happens.

They grow up.  They begin making plans to bungee jump into their own lives, their own futures. We stand on the edge of the cliff  from which they are about to dive  yelling, “Hey! Wait! Hold up!” because we are afraid. Not so much for them, as for ourselves.   We know they are set to soar.  But, terrified, we wonder, are we?

Answering that last question is the biggest, most frightening risk women our age can take.

Through this page,  I hope to find that answer.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

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