Sweet dreams

The dog is exhausted.  This is very good news.

Lilly the Easter Beagle spent the weekend trying to keep up.  With the kids home, her not-very-long-at-all legs ran up and down the stairs between the family room and kitchen so many times in two days that by Sunday afternoon, I saw her sitting on the lower landing wearily looking up like she couldn’t do it one more time today.

Being a small beagle girl is hard work. All those interesting dinner smells in the kitchen to investigate and new toys to chew on and two new young people to fall madly in love with. As I write this, she is curled up nose to tail, snoring. Lilly is a beagle bagel tonight, and it isn’t even her bedtime.

It is still possible, in some places, to buy dyed chicks and bunnies at this time of year. For the sake of small, naturally hued critters everywhere, I was really hoping this wasn’t still a thing. I’m pretty sure that the joy of taking care of a baby anything fades pretty fast for kids who receive live chicks and bunnies instead of chocolate ones in their baskets on Easter Sunday. Maybe the lucky ones end up on someone’s farm instead of in a shoe box in some hyper little kid’s bedroom. One can hope, I suppose.

Around here, no small animals were given as gifts this Easter unless you can count the very tired little tri-colored pup at my side who is twitching and yipping in her sleep, visions of big kids and bunnies dancing in her head.




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